Who are we?

MSA Nederland is an umbrella organization for student associations in the Netherlands of which the principles are inspired by Islam. As an umbrella organization, we aim to unite, inspire and support Muslim students in order to excel in society.

Our priorities lay within representing the interests of Muslim students on a national level and in supporting the needs of Muslim students that lie at the interface between student life and their religious identity.


Moslimstudenten Associatie Nederland (MSA Nederland) is a fact now! But how did MSA Nederland come about?

Mission & Vision

As an umbrella organization we unite, inspire and support Muslim students to excel in society.


In order to optimally represent the interests of Muslim students at national level, we develop projects and activities.


Affiliated student associations


Dutch Cities


Friends of MSA Nederland


Collaboration partners

Affiliated student associations

Friends of MSA Nederland

In addition to the affiliated associations, MSA Nederland also maintains a network of ‘Friends of MSA Nederland’. These are organizations that we consider relevant for our target group and that contribute to achieving our goals. These organizations collaborate with us in order to build a strong community of and for Muslim students. You can meet them during our annual event.

Join MSA Nederland!

We are open to new memberships of student associations with an Islamic fundament.

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We have a large reach among Muslim students. We can help your organization to reach them, to achieve common goals.

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