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Unity in Diversity

Who Are We?

MSA Nederland is an umbrella organisation of Islamic-inspired student associations in the Netherlands. As an umbrella organisation, we unite, strengthen and represent our member student associations. In order to support Muslim students in their Islamic, academic and professional needs.


Our History

Moslimstudenten Associatie Nederland (MSA Nederland) has 15 member student associations. But how did MSA Nederland come about?

Mission and Vision

As an umbrella organisation, we unite, support and strengthen our member student associations. In doing so, we contribute to a community of ambitious and successful Muslim students who proudly propagate their identity.

Member Associations

We develop projects that help Muslim students (associations) excel in society.

Member Associations
Dutch Cities

Member Associations

Join MSA Nederland!

We are open to new memberships of student associations with an Islamic foundation.

Cooperation partners

We have a wide reach among Muslim students and can help your organisation reach out to them, to achieve common goals.