Mission and Vision

The mission and vision that guides MSA Nederland

In line with our mission, vision and strategic goals, we facilitate and represent the interests of our member associations at the national level.


MSA NL aims to strengthen the Muslim student community on religious, academic and professional fields. We do this through Islamic-inspired Unite, strengthen and support student associations so that they excel in representing and supporting Muslim students on campus. Also we seek to provide the voice of Dutch Muslim students in various fields to represent. This is how we develop religiously inspired change makers who are a have valuable impact on Dutch society.


We aim to build a strong and proud community of Muslim students who have a great amd valuable impact on Dutch society.

Strategic goals


1) Unity among Muslim students (associations). We achieve this through affiliated associations through events and projects with
connect each other. It also develops projects that connect students from different cities.

2) All member student associations of MSA Netherlands operate in a financially and operationally sustainable manner. We achieve this by
support associations in their development through development interventions.
3) We work to be a voice for Dutch Muslim students by standing up for their interests and rights. This
we do by interacting effectively with educational authorities, politics and media. This requires a well-built network and a
media strategy that covers both foreseen and unforeseen situations.
1) We have an internal organisational structure
that guarantees sustainability. We work on:
– Financiële duurzaamheid
– Efficiënte werkwijze
– Interne trainingen en goede HR