MSA Nederland in practice

As an umbrella organisation, we try to represent the interests of Muslim students nationally to the best of our ability. We do this by developing and organising various projects and activities, respectively. Below is a selection of the projects and activities we are currently working on


Prayer rooms


Prayer. Every Muslim performs prayer five times a day. As a student, it often happens that you are at your educational institution during prayer times. It is therefore essential to have the facilities there to perform the prayer. The prayer room project is therefore one of the most important projects MSA is committed to. With this project, we want to provide support for students who want to get involved in creating a prayer or silence room at their educational institution. Unfortunately, some universities and colleges do not yet provide these much-needed facilities for Muslim students.




We want to ensure that member student associations develop professionally. We want to achieve this by sharing best practices. We do this by setting up specific committees where knowledge, experience and ideas are exchanged between the associations. These so-called spar committees are formed with board members who have similar tasks in their local student association. The committees meet every so often to strengthen each other.




Linguistically, it means a circle in Arabic h’alaqah ,the word h’alaqaat is the plural of h’alaqahThe concept of h’alaqah is a religious gathering. H’alaqah is a form of studying the Qur'an together to create a certain awareness of the Qu'ran. From MSA Nederland, we want to convey to ourselves and the students in the Netherlands the importance of this concept.


H’alaqah is also a sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his companions that continued even after his death, and is described as follows in the h’adith: "No company gathers in the houses of Allah, reciting and studying the Book of Allah, or peace will descend upon them, mercy will cover them, angels will surround them, and Allah will name them among those who are with Him" [Sah'ih' Muslim, Book 9, hadith 1023].


The aim of MSA Nederland is to promote the concept of h’alaqah bring back to life in the Netherlands. In several countries such as England, America, Egypt, Turkey, Morocco and Indonesia, this concept is not unknown. We want to encourage students to create a strong bond with the Qur'an alongside their busy student period. We help students to plan this in a practical way and to work with it sustainably.
The implementation of h’alaqaat has several forms. From MSA Nederland, we offer students the opportunity to create their own h’alaqah start on campus. We do this by sharing h’alaqah-step plans and offering several viable options. To ensure that local h’alaqah a good start, several workshops will take place locally. Also, various literature will be collected and translated during the year so that students will have easier access to rich classical Islamic sources.

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